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Here’s a fun idea for all your creative and inspired K-Kids: Create a shoebox float.

Decorated in themes associated with The Eliminate Project, these floats will be presented at the Kiwanis International Convention in New Orleans in June where they’ll compete for recognition as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. But all entries will be winning efforts because working on these floats will help educate K-Kids and others about maternal and neonatal tetanus and our effort to eliminate it from the face of the Earth.

With the help of faculty and Kiwanis advisors, K-Kids can follow the contest rules and use theme ideas to design fabulous floats.
Encourage your clubs to participate, promoting The Eliminate Project message and maybe even winning a cash prize!

Happy Holidays from your Texas-Oklahoma K-Kids team

We hope everyone had a fantastic turkey day. We just wanted to stop and give thanks to all of the Kiwanis Family out there supporting K-Kids. Your hard work and dedication to our youngest branch of our K-Family truly means the world to us. Continue to pour your heart out into your K-Kids clubs in your communities. These kids look up to us for love and support. We are molding them into leaders of tomorrow. 

We hope you have a Merry Christmas! Continue to share with us the amazing things your K-Kids do this holiday season. One thing is for sure, all of our K-Kids will be on Santa’s nice list. 

K-Family Update.

K-Family Update:


October 28th-30th

K-Kids Update from the K-Family Weekend

K-Family was a HUGE success for the K-Kids the weekend of K-Family. Friday Night your K-Kids Team worked long and hard making sure the forum and materials were prepared and ready to go. You really need to commend your K-Kids District Team for the work they’ve put into these Kids.

Saturday was an amazing day for K-Kids as well. It kicked off with Lunch. K-Kids was in charge of the lunch session of the weekend. We decided to break out the Eliminate Project and how our Young SLP’s are getting involved in this project. The tables were decked out in baby bottles and world globe beach balls and life savers. The whole message of this was that by getting involved in this project we are lifesavers saving baby’s life’s all over the world. Originally they pieces were to only be used as pieces but all of the attendees took charm to our centerpieces and we ended up auctioning off the pieces and raised $618 for the Eliminate Project! WOW! ISN’T THAT IMPRESSIVE?!?

Finally after a fantastic lunch, we moved on to our forum which was quite the “sweet” forum to be apart of. Margaret Davis, District Administrator made cupcakes all of kinds to represent different projects and SLP’S. For the Eliminate Project, she made a ELEMONate cupcake. (Get it?). For the K-Kids Cupcake we had a Orange Coconut Cupcake and orange frosting. For the Builders Club Cupcake she designed a Red Velvet Cupcake with Mint Frosting. Finally, for the Kiwanis Governor Project that Susan Hennum has chosen we had a Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting! These were passed out to all attendees of our forum about K-Kids. Which, was a huge success. Many Kiwanians were very inspired to be apart of this SLP group.

And that’s all folks. Stay tuned for more updates. Be sure to attend Zone Conferences to meet your K-Kids District Team and get involved with our world of K-Kids today!

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The K-Kids World is OPEN!

Greetings K-Family members, 

Welcome to the Wonderful World of K-Kids. This site is dedicated to everything Texas-Oklahoma and International K-Kids. You’ll find everything on here from how to get started with a K-Kids program, the 411 on things K-Kids around you are doing, and other K-Family related information. 

So take a moment and take the chance to explore all the details this site has to offer. Share this site with your K-Family friends, and make sure they get the word about our new page.

Leave us comments and feedback about how we’re doing. We’re always looking for ways to improve things. 


Yours in Service, 

K-Kids District Team

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